1. Delivery Area

The delivery service of GT Mart is currently available in certain locations only. GT Mart reserves the right to cancel any order that are out of GT Mart’s coverage areas. Customer is advised to check the coverage delivery areas at GT Mart’s website before making order.

  1. Delivery Address

The Customer is required to ensure the delivery address provided is complete and accessible before the completion of the payment in the checkout cart. GT Mart reserves the right to cancel any order due to inaccuracy and/or discrepancy of delivery address provided by the Customer. GT Mart reserves the right to deliver the Customer’s order at the main entrance or guard house of the delivery address provided by the Customer (such as the lobby of the apartment, condominium or receptionist).

  1. Delivery Period

We provide 2-3 days delivery service from Monday to Saturday, except for Sunday and Public Holiday.

*Customer service to update the customer, if otherwise.

  1. Delivery Charges

Delivery charges will be charged based on the distance between customer and GT Mart nearest outlet.

  1. Risks of the Products

The risks of the product will be transferred to the Customers upon acceptance of the delivery of the products.

  1. Delivery

Waiting period of ten (10) minutes will be allocated by our rider once they have arrived at the Customer’s delivery address. If the Customer is unable to collect the order and/or refuse/delay/fail to respond to us regarding the order collection within the time frame given, the order will be classified as ‘failed delivery’ and the rider will return to our warehouse with the order. The delivery charges are still applicable and chargeable. (Another RM 5 delivery charges will be imposed on the subsequent deliveries)

If the Customer fails to receive the order at the time of the delivery; or we are unable to deliver the order at the selected delivery period due to the failure of the Customer in providing sufficient and/or appropriate instructions, such order shall be deemed delivered to the Customer and all the risks and responsibilities in relation to such order shall deemed passed to the Customer. Any storage, insurance and any other cost or expense that we incur as a result of the inability to deliver the order shall be at the Customer’s responsibility and the Customer shall indemnify us in full for such cost. In such case, GT Mart reserves the right to cancel the Customer’s order and/or arrange the Customer’s order to be returned to GT Mart’s warehouse.

  1. Cancellation

GT Mart reserves the right to cancel the Customer’s order if the product is not available for any reason. The Customer is entitled for the refund at the value of the product as originally charged at the checkout cart.

  1. Inspection of the Products upon Delivery

The Customer is advised to check and/or inspect the products ordered upon receipt of the Products. The Customer has the right to reject the products which deemed unacceptable being delivered by our rider. GT Mart reserves the right to approve or disapprove the reject request made by the Customer and the decision made by GT Mart is deemed final.